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Publishing. Maritime Industry.
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Machinery inventories, brands – models - specifications. ISO Management software.

Polymnia - Electronic Journal Platform

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Polymnia is a flexible modern management system for academic magazines and/or papers from conferences that are published on the Internet. It covers all the steps of a publication, from the submittal and review of the articles to the final publication and presentation on the Internet.

This management model is commonly referred as “Open access, peer-reviewed Journal”.

It’s based on distinct roles (Author, Reviewer, Editor, Editor-in-chief, Publication Center). The process of reviewing is optional, depending on the situation, or it can be set through the general parameters.

It controls completely the state and process of the submittal, re-submittal, acceptance, scheduling and preparation of publishing, approval and finalization of issues

It is capable of connecting with online reading tools. If features a complete internal and via email notification system.

Polymnia is installed locally on the client’s server. It functions independently from the presentation website of the magazine, to which it provides ready access to the database for searching purposes and if necessary for a unified user verification system. The installation of the platform is performed on a Windows Server and SQL Server DBMS environment

The website of the magazine can be installed on a completely different system, with different settings, which simply retrieves the data from the separate database. The data includes only the published articles and the searching functions through Web Services.

Polymnia can manage together many magazines which share a common submittal/management system. By default, it functions independently for each magazine, but even in that case the database can be set as shared or independent.

It has been created with the most modern Microsoft and Internet technologies (AJAX) achieving both user friendliness and security. We provide our customer the ability to customize every aspect of the application.

Of course, when it comes to appearance, the changes are provided directly from the settings files (css, html).


Polymnia was designed from the beginning following high international standards and it addresses the international market.

On later versions, we are planning to enhance the application with various additions and highly innovative subsystems.

The most important and significant service we offer to our clients is the knowledge and the complete analysis on the field of electronic publications.

Our team worked systematically devoting all the necessary time in order to record the needs, the trends and all the related activities. We realize that the field of academic/research magazines has tremendous possibilities.

The know-how that we have obtained, as well as our innovation, is our greatest contribution to the investment of our clients.


  • • Registration of users as authors or simple users.
  • • Distribution of roles as a reviewer or editor.
  • • Temporary registration of an incomplete article.
  • • Upload articles on the server (main article, cover, figures)
  • • Co-Authors
  • • Article submission. Option to remove article before submission.
  • • Assigning an article to an editor from the chief editor.
  • • Selection of reviewers per article from editor (optional).
  • • Ability for a reviewer to log in the system to submit reviews for articles.
  • • Verification of submissions for all the reviews per article
  • • Acceptance or decline or request for article resubmission from the editor.
  • • In case of resubmission, the ability to repeat under certain criteria the process.
  • • Instructions from the chief editor for preparation in order to publish.
  • • Preparation for publishing
  • • Creation of issues.
  • • Registering an article for an open issue.
  • • Closing of an issue.
  • • Final publication.
  • • Clearance of incomplete articles after alerts
  • • Communication subsystem between editors, authors and reviewers.
  • • Automatic sending of emails, after every action.
  • • Tools for reading articles, PDF, HTML and SCRIBD.
  • • Aiding subsystem for every distinct role.
  • • Backup subsystem and compression subsystem for old articles



Article List - Workflow

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New Article

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Upload Main document, cover letter, figures

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Author Profile

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Assigned Articles

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Editor's Decision

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Reviewer assignment

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Creation of new Issue

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Chief Editor

Open IssuesPreparing Articles to publish

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Order to Publication Center

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Clearance of incomplete articles

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Publication Center

Preparing Articles to publish

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